Christmas Songs You'll Love By Human Nature


White Christmas

This version of White Christmas by Human Nature will make you sing with them, snap your fingers, and move your body with the rhythm.

Continue your moves with

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Human Nature is a cool doo-wop pop-harmony boy band from Australia, popular during the 90s. They never disbanded; they continued singing up to these days. Human Nature has remained active since 1989.

Winter Wonderland

In wintry countries, what is Christmas without snow? In tropical countries, Christmas in the sun is as cool as snow.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Do you believe in Santa? Every Christmas, anybody can be a Santa.

No matter what, enjoy the holiday. It's the best holiday in the world. In the Philippines, Christmas is celebrated in the longest days. So,

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is a birthday celebration. It's God's birthday. So, give love on Christmas day. Greet one another with peace. Be happy and be grateful. Christmas is a time as well to thank God.

Silent Night, O Holy Night!

Hope you enjoy this music of Christmas.

Have A Blessed and Merry Christmas!