a musically foxy site

I recently discovered this new cool site. It's the foxytunes.com. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, it comes with a media player tool that rests at the bottom of your browser. With that tiny media player, you can play your favorite music while browsing, or even while not browsing. (Instead of opening your media player, you can open instead your browser to play your favorite music.) To go to the FoxyTunes, click the double eight-note icon and select FoxyTunes Planet. On the site, you can search for your favorite artist and FoxyTunes will give you everything about the artist - his profile, albums, music, videos, photos, lyrics, webs, news, and blogs. It's an all-in-one site about your favorite artist. And if you love to sing, like in a videoke or karaoke, you can do just that with FoxyTunes Planet. Simply retrieve the lyrics, then play the video, you can now sing with your favorite artist.

Here's a sample. Follow this link Josh Groban on FoxyTunes and enjoy singing with Josh Groban. You can also go directly to its home page FoxyTunes.com, or click the FoxyTunes icon on the right side bar of this blog.

A glitch I found about the FoxyTunes player is that you have to open your other media player to select another playlist.

Now playing: Josh Groban - Oceano
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